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About Us has been created and designed by Computer, Publishing & Marketing Services (Company Registration No: 4623043), to provide writing, publishing and marketing services. We Publish, Market and Sell your books for you – The easy way. We do it all for you. Our services are very professional, fast and customer-focused. Through our services, you can get your Physical Books, Audio Books, Kindle books, Cds, Dvds and Packages published, while keeping 100% rights over your materials. 

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Here is what can do for you:

We can get your book Published for you

We can publish your book for you. Get your book published as a Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle or Audio book. Do it the easy way.

We can Print your book for you

We can Print one or more copies of your book for you. You can order just one copy or more for you, if you choose.

We can get your Book Cover & Interior Designs done for you

We can create a professional book cover and book interior design for your book. 

create customized products for you

We can create customized products for you to sell

We can create for you, customized products tailor-made to complement your book & supplement your income – Giving you more income-generating options.

We can create an Author's Platform for you

We can create an Author’s Platform for you. All best-selling authors have an author’s platform. 

Convert your book to ebook

We can convert your book to an eBook for you

We can convert your manuscript or print version of your book to an ebook. 

We can Proofread, Format and Edit your book for you

We can proofread, format and edit your book for you. We have 2 types of editing services: Copy-Editing & Line-Editing. Let’s get the job done for you.

We can do all the Marketing for your book

We have created complete, done-for-you, Marketing solutions. We do it for you. 

We also provide Additional Services to meet your publishing needs

There are several supplementary services we provide to make your book stand out from the crowd. 

author vashti ramnarine“Ever since I could remember I always wanted to become a writer. However, as time went by and life threw challenges at me, it really seemed like a long shot. Then finally I placed all my energy into writing and publishing my first book. That’s when I came across I thought it would have been a long and frustrating process. To the contrary it was fast, effective and affordable; and the icing on the cake was the very friendly service I received…” Vashti Ramnarine. Click here for more

dayne author“As an author on the world stage I must admit that working with Mr. Ali Bocus for the very first time has indeed been an enlightening and fulfilling experience for me in more ways than I would’ve imagined. Not just as a result of his pristine publishing skills as such, but also due to his cordial approach as an individual who goes that extra mile; even beyond his call at times just to ensure that every customer is satisfied…”Dayne Commissiong. Click here for more

sheldene“At first, I found it strange to receive a friendly request on ‘LinkedIn’ from Mr. Roger Ali Bocus (Manager, several months ago, at a period when I was encountering numerous setbacks with my first book regarding the desire for publishing…To date, I have not regretted the connection we made and the service I received from this humble and professional stalwart in publishing…” Sheldene ByronClick Here for more can be use by:












Arts & Crafts indviduals


Skilled & Unskilled Persons

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