There are several common mistakes Self Publishers make when publishing their book, but I will only highlight 3 of the most popular ones in this article. 

1.  Editing & Formatting

It is a fact that many writers do their own editing and formatting to save on cash. Or, they give a copy of their book to family members and friends to do it for them, expecting that they would do the editing and formatting for them, for free.

Friends and family would take ‘forever’ to do this for you, and they would not do the professional work you are expecting from them.

What do you expect?

You are not paying them to do this, you are asking a time-consuming favor from them.

Editing and Formatting a book takes hours and hours of concentrated effort and expertise. This is why you need an expert to get it done.  

This is the first self-publishing mistake.

While I agree you should personally do some form of editing and formatting of your book, it is also wise to have professional editing and formatting done.

Get professional help with the editing and formatting of your book.

You would be glad you did.

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2.  Book Cover Design

Who does not know the English phrase ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’?

If this statement is taken literally, it is not true. I disagree with it.

A book is judged by its cover.

Every time someone sees a book they are first drawn to it because of its cover – its cover design.

This is the second mistake Self Publishers make. They do their own Book Cover design.

I would not encourage this unless you are a good graphic designer.

A Book Cover consists of several elements which work together to make it a successful attraction.

A graphic designer would know this. The do-it-yourself person most likely would not, and the end result of their do-it-yourself covers is evidence.

Look at several do-it-yourself Book Covers and compare them to the ones which were professionally designed. I am sure you would see significant differences. 

Get a professional, customized Book Cover done for your book. 

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3.  Marketing

Self Publishers, particularly those who are self-publishing for the first time, naively expect their book to automatically sell thousands and thousands of copies by just putting it for sale on with little to no additional marketing efforts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It would take a strategic Marketing System to accomplish those goals.

Marketing is a full-time job.

It involves lots of work and patience.

A marketing system does not start and end with just putting your book for sale on and in local bookstores. It requires much more.

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