is a production of: Computer, Publishing & Marketing Services (Company Registration No: 4623043). It is a provider of writing, publishing and marketing services. Our services are very cost-effective, professional, fast and customer-focused.

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Through our services, you can get your physical, audio, electronic and Kindle books published for substantially less than the cost of traditional printing, while keeping your rights over your materials. We also make it very easy to sell your books through online services.

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Below you will find a list of services we provide:

   1.    Publishing physical Books, Electronic Books, Audio Books, Kindle Books.  


 10. Writing Fund-Raising Letters  19. Graphic Designing

  2.    Designing Book Covers  


 11. Editing Services  20. Advertorial Writing
  3.    Transcribing Services

 12. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint Services and more…  


 21. Writing Press Releases and Articles.

  4.    Copywriting Services – Special kind of Writing to promote goods and services.


 13. Office Organizational Services  22. Typing Services
  5.    Writing How-To Manuals   14. Naming of Products, Services, Programs, Companies, etc.   

 23. Marketing Services for: Products & Services.


  6.    Writing Books for others (Ghostwriting)   


 15. Script / Speech Writing  24. Computer Training

  7.    Building Websites, Writing Web Content


 16. Legal / Technical Writing  25. Computer Repairs
  8.    Designing a Website to Promote Your Product or Service   17. Writing Staff letters / Case Studies

 26. Creating Book Trailers, Mini-Movie Product Promotions – Ad Jingles  


  9.    Writing Scripts for Infomercials, Sales personnel, etc.     18. Creating Brochures, Flyers & Posters 

 27. Business Consultation, Book Consultation….


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