We offer a variety of Additional Book  Services for authors. See below for a list of them. Select the one/s you are interested in and contact us for further details.



Who is a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a person who is hired to author books, manuscripts, screenplays, speeches, articles, blog posts, stories, reports, whitepapers, or other texts that are officially credited to another person.

If you need to have something written and don’t know how to…be it an article, book, press release, script, manual, etc.  – You can obtain our Ghostwriting services. Just click on the Contact Page and email us the details of your needs and we will respond to you within 24 – 48 hrs. 


PDF Creation

We convert your finished book into a print-ready PDF you can upload to your printer. We’ll make sure that your PDF has all of the right fonts and images embedded, and that every page is the right size, ready for print. (Note: This does not include any formatting services. We do not edit, review, or change the content of your book file, so please be sure your book is in its final form before submission. It is simple PDF conversion)

Cost: $37 U.S.


Add a Table of Contents

We’ll add an easy-to-update Contents page and format it to match your template.

Cost: $37 U.S.


Insert Images with Captions (up to 5)

Do you have photos, graphics, or other non-text elements to add to your book? Not sure of the best way to do that without messing up your carefully formatted pages? No worries. We’ll add up to five images to your file—complete with captions—wherever you like. (You’ll need to supply the images)

Cost: $37 U.S.


Add Custom Text Styles (up to 2)

Sometimes authors want a specific type of quote, a custom bullet character, or a special paragraph format used in their book. We’ll make it easy by creating new styles to your specifications, and then add them to your file.

Cost: $75 U.S.


Create a Custom Trim / Page Size Template

Cost: $75 U.S.


Substitute a Custom Font (1 font)

Do you have a favorite font you’d like to use in your manuscript? No problem. We’ll change any one of the standard fonts in your document to one of your choosing. (You must supply the font)

Cost: $67 U.S.


Convert a Finished Print Book to a Kindle book

Just finished your print book and want to have us convert it to the Kindle Book version for you? We can save you the time by doing it for you. We’ll take your finished book file and transfer it to the Kindle Book version for you.

Cost: $99 U.S.


Review your Book or eBook File for Formatting Issues

Do you have everything ready for publication, but want an expert eye to double-check your book file before you launch it into the world? No problem, we’ll review your interior file and let you know if we find any formatting, pagination, or other layout issues that need to be. Then we’ll give you a report of our findings along with suggestions on how to fix any problems we find.

Cost: $97 U.S.


Advanced Tech Support

If you’re having a problem with page numbering or styles or some other issue associated with your book. Whatever the reason, we offer affordable support to assist you with any issue you’re having with your book project. (Priced at $65/hour and billed in ¼-hour increments. We’ll give you an estimate before we start work, too.)

Cost: $65 U.S. / Hr.


We also provide the following Marketing Packages:


1. Author Website Setup 

Here’s what is included with the Author Website service:

Website Setup: We can create an Author’s Website for you, if you desire this service – Contact us.

Your Author’s Website will have 6 main sections:

  1. Homepage – features your book’s front cover, promotional copy, and a link to order your book
  2. About – includes information about you, the author
  3. Description of your Book
  4. Excerpt from your book
  5. Contact Page
  6. Buy the Book Page


2. Media Release Campaign

One of the most effective and efficient methods of promoting a book in the market is through the means of news publicity.

Press releases are informative and concise news articles that are sent to various media outlets to announce the release of a particular book that carry newsworthy qualities.

Targeted at the right demographic at the right time, a well-written press release can generate considerable “buzz” about your book, raising its marketability to its highest potential.

Here at Publishingbooks.biz, we provide authors with a customized Publicity Campaign suited to the authors’ marketing ambition and preferred media exposure.

Because of its unique, affordable, and highly effective promotional power, Publishingbooks.biz’s Media Release Campaign program has become one of the most popular marketing methods among book sellers.

Your Press Release will be submitted to 5 online media outlets.

Cost of our Media Release Campaign is: $125.00 U.S. 


4. Fixed Price Promotional Flyers

Getting your promotional message out there is important to generating sales leads. Promotional flyers are one of the most popular tools to effectively promote your products and services to your target markets.

At Publishingbooks.biz we offer a fixed price service for a one side promotional flyer, which includes copywriting (promotional writing), layout and flyer design.

Our service offers full custom design – where your flyer is fully designed to specifically promote your promote your products/services.

Our Fixed Price Service

Our Custom Design Service:  $95 U.S. 

Flyer Specifications:  Our fixed price service is for one side, full colour, promotional flyer, size 8 1/2″ x 11″.

With Our Service You Get:

  • Full development of flyer copy, incorporating a strong promotional approach by an experienced marketer.
  • Marketing consultant input to ensure strong fit to target market/s.
  • Full flyer design and layout by an experienced graphic designer.
  • Print ready PDF files for you to give to your selected printer.

Our Service Excludes:

  • Logo design – as we assume this has already been developed. You will need to supply us with a jpg file of your current logo and any colour specifications. If required, we do offer a fixed price logo design service.
  • Printing of flyers – as these are dependent on print quantities and paper stock. We can advise you of cost-effective printing options.

Contact Us if you would like to discuss any aspect of our promotional flyer service.  We will be happy to discuss your requirements.