What is an eBook?

we can convert your book to kindleAn eBook is simply a manuscript or physical book which was converted to a digital or electronic format, which could be read on mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, laptops or desktop computers.  

We do provide eBook conversion services for non-fiction books, fiction books and children books.

The cost of converting a manuscript or book to an electronic book is $99. U.S. for a 150 page book or a book which contains 30,000 words. This cost is applicable for novels and non-fiction books. Click the PayPal ‘Add to Cart’ button below to convert your book to an eBook. 

P.S. The cost for books with pictures, diagrams, graphs, tables, illustrations, etc. would be different from the cost quoted above. You can contact us for a quote if your book falls into any of the aforementioned categories.