The First Amendment:

The purpose for this publication is to expose error that subtly enter churches  to promulgate misinformation morphing it into doctrine;  thereby rendering that part of the body of Christ ineffective. The present-day church seem to be sludged with religious practices of ritualistic services, peripheral sermons omitting Jesus as the foundation for such, entertainment and the compulsion for tithes and offerings. Some preach condemnatory messages genuinely believing that it is required to shape its members, in spite of study which shows that God has made us sons and kings unto Himself through His Grace Jesus Christ. It potentially intimidates anyone that may question this church model. God’s Word declares that it is the love of money that is the root of all evil, yet some churches seem to be in sincere denial; supposedly exempting them: doctrine of Balaam. Others diminish the economic comfort of ordinary God-fearing people who revere their leadership, trusting the arm of flesh in ignorance and obedience: “For as many as are of the works of the law are under a curse.” There is a significant difference between life before the cross of Jesus and life after the cross of Jesus. This kind of business practice is under the charge of the Holy Spirit’s intervention to dismantle such fleecing and to align with God’s Word for true prosperity to manifest for His children in these last days. God does not bless anyone at the expense of the assembly: God cannot lack.  To be impartial, some assemblies sincerely believe that what was taught in seminary or the genesis of their church (religion) which may have originated from a room beneath a house somewhere sanctions its genuinity. Moreover faith misdirected yields error. Theological institutions may play a very basic role in the introduction for those chasing destiny; in pursuit of the Kingdom of God, but there is a  significant void that is presently being refilled hopefully in assemblies globally i.e. the teaching of the Kingdom of God, the Grace of God, the Cross and the Blood. However, the spirit of error errand is to instill fear projecting the thought, that with the Word of Grace the church would fragment and the financial structure would dwindle, and possibly diminish beyond what the presbytery expect for income versus expenditure in any given year. What!? God builds His Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail. Fear is: F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal. churches that function under the conglomerate/accretion model amass significant sums of money over time.

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About the author:

When Richard was a child, he was introduced to the Catholic religion and grew up with some measure of awareness of a supreme being called God. At the age of seventeen he became born again and was led by God’s Holy Spirit to increase in the knowledge of His Word, wherein he dismissed religion for a personal walk and relationship with God for life. Richard spent some time at the Caribbean Mission Bible School where Dr. Leo and Edith Fram were instrumental in plotting his future as a son of God. He also served in several churches throughout Trinidad mostly in the music ministry and is a recipient of the title “Chaplain.” He returned to school to fulfill his childhood dream pursuing and attaining diplomas for Mechanical Electrical and Electronic Engineering-Technician. This led him into another closely related discipline certified as an offshore-plant operator. Richard married his beloved schoolmate Delores, and has been for the past thirty three years. They’re blessed to have had a miracle from God in their two sons Joshua and Jonathan. The First Amendment is his debut as an author.