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1. Free Book Marketing Tips & Tools

2. Free Limited List of Top-Class Book Reviewers: Their Names, Emails, Websites and What Books they review

3. Free Tool to help you write a compelling Book Description & 'About the Author' section.

4. A forum and place for you to connect with authors of like-minds and goals. 

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We always like to restate our mission for Creating Publishingbooks.biz:

OUR MISSION: To produce publishing and Marketing services which are focused on meeting the needs of authors / writers, worldwide. For too long the major publishing houses and companies have held the trump cards in this industry – It is time we assume the responsibility for achieving literary success, as authors. 

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We can accomplish this if we band together, look out for and help each other in any way possible. This is our purpose and pursuit. The life of an author is not a selfish journey. Success is not meant to be selfish – But self-giving.

We provide our services for free and paid, In our free services authors would have access to a limited list of top-class reviewers containing their: Names, Email Addresses, Website Addresses and what Types of Books they review; as well as, free marketing tips and tools to help you sell more of your books. For those who desire a much longer list of world-class reviewers plus lots more additional services – we do have a paid membership service which they can subscribe to. 

See what we provide for our paid members in the section above called: Membership-Benefits. 

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