How to Publish A Book | 8 Steps to Publishing A Book


Publishing a Book is not a hard process. It does involve work though. If you are afraid of work, in this case writing, then this may seem like a difficult task for you to accomplish.

Below you will find 8 steps to Publishing a Book.

This tutorial includes:

  1. Choose a Topic
  2. Get a Title
  3. Start Writing
  4. Edit, Proofread and Format Your book
  5. Create a Stunning Book Cover
  6. Publish Your Book
  7. Create an Author’s Platform
  8. Market your Book


1.  Choose a Topic

Decide what topic you want to write about and do some research.

If you intend to sell this book for profit, then your topic will have to be one which has readers who would be interested in your topic – a group of individuals who have spent money purchasing similar books.


2.  Get a Title for your book


The reason why I firmly believe you should get a title for your book this early in the publishing process is to keep you on track. It will help you to stay on course in your writing.  It will keep your writing focused on the topic you chose.

Please remember to write down the topic and title of the book; whether you create a Microsoft file for it, or you write it down in a diary or journal.

The title of a book also determines if you sell more or less copies of your book.

So choose your title carefully.


3.  Start Writing


Start writing. It is easy to just get a topic and title for your book, rest it down, and postpone the actual writing of the book for later, when you would have hours to sit down and begin writing it.

If you do this, your prospective book will remain unwritten for days, weeks, months and even years.  

I know of persons like this.

Once you have your topic and title for your book, start writing it.

Your initial writing does not have to be perfect – it just have to be written. You would format, edit and proofread it after you have completed a draft copy of the book.


4.  Format, Edit and Proofread your Book


After you have completed the draft-copy of your book, you can now format, edit and proofread it. This would involve looking for spelling and grammatical errors, making sure the facts in your book are correct; ensuring headers, footers and numerals use are all consistent throughout the book; and several other things needed to prepare your book for printing.

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5.  Create a Stunning Book Cover


A book is judged by its cover. That statement is true. Just by creating an outstanding, attractive book cover you can increase sales significantly.

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6.  Publish you Book


After you have completed your manuscript – formatting, editing,  proofreading and creating a beautiful book cover, it is now time to publish your book.

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7.  Create an Author’s Platform

What is an Author’s Platform?

An author’s platform is an avenue/s which an author uses to create a brand name for themselves, to garner a host of loyal fans and to sell their products.

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8.  Market your Book


Marketing is so essential to the success of any product or service…of any business, that without it you would have little to no sales of your book.

Now while the Author’s Platform is a form of Marketing, it is not all of Marketing. There are several more things you can do to Market your book.

However, if you only use an Author’s Platform alone to do the Marketing of your book, you could still be wildly successful.

The Author’s Platform provides Online Marketing. You can also employ  Offline Marketing for your book. This would increase your book sales even more.

My advice to you is, apply both Online & Offline Marketing to promote and sell your book.

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