Jimmy BrooksJimmy Brooks – Returning from our Ancient Past, aims to bring awareness to the “Black” race better known as the “Tribe of Judah”. Through this brilliantly written autobiography, Jimmy Brooks brings to our mind’s eye, the True God, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and his redemptive plan and power for his chosen people ISRAEL and JUDAH. Throughout history, the true stories and identities of the “Black” race have seemed to be obliterated from or entangled with those of other races. But through determined and meticulous research, one can begin to rediscover “one’s” roots and indeed they too will begin to “Return from Our Ancient Past” Jimmy Brooks Returning from our Ancient Past leads one to question. Question your beliefs, Question why you believe what you believe and arrive at truth, for truth is and will always be “Anything and Everything when interrogated will and do point back to itself” So I invite you to interrogate, especially that which is contained within these pages so you too Oh JUDAH, can and will arrive at “THE TRUTH” about your existence and POWER. Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below to obtain your copy.