Below you will find a list of Benefits for individuals who subscribe for our Exclusive Authors Membership Publishing Package (You can Click Here For Our Free Account – but the benefits would be very limited)
Our Exclusive Authors Membership Publishing Package Includes:

1    Free Book Cover Design Service (we create a flat, eBook cover design for you for free)  

2.     Free conversion of your book to Kindle 

2a.   Free uploading of your Kindle book to 

3.     We will convert one of your books to audio for free

4.     Free authors website design for you – you will only need to pay for domain name and hosting; which is extremely low. 

5.     Access to List of Top Book Reviewers: Get their names, email addresses, website url and what type of books they like to review. 

5a.   For $5. extra we can contact at least 5 Top Book Reviewers for You Writing even the email for you, as well. You will not have to compose or write the email to send the book reviewer – we will do that for you, too. This service is strictly limited to only 10 persons per day. Also, this service is only available to subscribers. 

6.     Free advertising of members’ book/s on our site – every day, week, month and year – Have your book/s freely advertised. Others sites charge for this service. 

7.     Free use of other soon-to-come design, writing and promotional tools. Within 1 – 2 months’ time all members would be informed of the inclusion and availability of these services.

8.     We will also be creating a community section for writers to meet, liaise and share their successes, lessons, encouragement and support with fellow-authors or soon-to-be-authors. 

9.      Your books will be promoted with our promotions, as well – In other words you will not be charged for additional advertising which we are going to implement to promote the books showcased on our site. This would be done on a rotation, basis, to ensure every book is seen.  And there is much more to come!

The membership subscription fee for this package is: $19.95 U.S. / month

After you subscribe for our Exclusive Authors Membership Publishing Package you will receive an email from us with your login details. 


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