Query Letters & Book Proposals

If you decide you don’t want to self-publish your book and would like to take the traditional route to getting your book published, you will need a Query Letter & Book Proposal to submit to either publishing agents or traditional publishing houses.

In such a case, we have provided the following services which can prepare a professional Query Letter & Book Proposal for you.


1. Query Letter –

A query letter is a special kind of covering letter that is designed to “sell” your manuscript to a publishing decision maker. It’s hard to sell your own work. Sometimes, you’re just too close to keep an objective view.

Our professionals know how to craft a query letter that will grab attention, sell your expertise, and perfectly pitch the merits of your latest masterpiece to publishers, agents, or studio executives.

We know the best structure, form, and level of detail to include. Our writers are good at crafting a convincing argument so your query will be taken seriously.

Working with Publishingbooks.biz couldn’t be easier. We can handle most major word processing file types, including PDFs. Your files are safe with us too, as we have a secure server, and strict confidentiality and privacy policies.

The Cost of creating a professional Query Letter is: $250.00 U.S.


2. Book Proposal –

Because publishers simply don’t want to read an unsolicited book manuscript from an unknown author, if you send your book, they’ll either mail it back unread … or toss the manuscript in the trash.

What you need to do instead is write a “book proposal.”

A book proposal is a 7 to 20-page sales document describing the book you want to write.

The problem you face is that winning book proposals must follow a very specific format dictating the sections you must include.

Leave out even one of these critical elements, and your proposal will come bouncing back to you faster than you can say “rejection letter.”

Once you successfully complete a winning book proposal and get a publishing contract, actually writing the book won’t be all that hard.

After all, you’ve seen and read hundreds of books you can model yours after. You know what a book looks like … what it sounds like … how it should be formatted.

But writing a winning book proposal is another matter entirely – because you’ve never seen or studied the proposals that sold all the books you’ve read!

Having never read or studied book proposals, right now you’re in the dark as to how to write a convincing¬†proposal that knocks a publisher’s socks off … and gets him to reach for his checkbook.

The Cost of crafting a winning Book Proposal and submitting it to 5 publishing houses, is: $1,750.00 U.S.