rightly dividing the word of truthVery early in my study of God’s word, the Bible, I came across a very interesting statement in the book of ‘Revelation’. Quote: “…That Old Serpent, called the Devil and Satan, WHO DECEIVES THE WHOLE WORLD…” I realized that “whole world” could not only mean all the people on earth at a particular time, for a definite period; it had to mean the population of the entire world during all its history, past, present, and future. I discovered that deception began at the foundation of the world. God revealed to humans, “…YOU SHALL SURELY DIE…” but Satan told those same humans, “… you shall NOT SURELY DIE…” Almost all humans, the world, by and large, believed Satan. I decided against all odds to believe God, so I studied God’s Word, the Bible, from the standpoint of Humans as being mortal, not having an immortal soul. I soon discovered that almost all so called ‘Christian’ denominations have serious doctrinal flaws, as a result of Satan’s original lie. Satan’s “Immortal Soul” doctrine has the world, (with few exceptions) deceived. Some denominations, I discovered, refused to believe God’s Words, even when spoken by Jesus himself. For example. Jesus said that he would remain in the Grave three days and three nights before his resurrection. But most Preachers throughout the ages continue to teach that Jesus was crucified on Friday evening, and rose from the dead on Sunday morning. As I continued to study the Bible and teach its truth, from God’s perspective, I decided to put in writing the various topics. After some advice and assistance, I decided to put these writings into a single volume. It is not for financial gain, or fame of any kind that I have done this. It is instead, mainly for widespread enlightenment to all who are willing to believe God, and to expose the deception of Satan the Devil.

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