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This revised edition of a valuable social opus that can also be enjoyed outside the rooms of colleges and universities has been fitted with an extended postscript; one totally inspired by the unexpected snap general election of 2010. Old Board House, the revised edition is imperative regarding the understanding of a relatively young Trinidad and Tobago. “The author wishes to remind readers that the ultimate direction of all countries in this world is not determined by petty elections but by those who view themselves as the owners of this planet.” The Postscript Chad Modeste is also the author of New Flower and Old Board House, the first edition. The first title was used by students of the Caribbean Civilization class of Dr John Campbell at UWI, St. Augustine campus in the second semester of academic year 2007-2008. Modeste has chosen no other profession.

Among The Profane is a unique celebration of 34 literary giants who didn’t have academic degrees. It also dispels the obviously ridiculous myth that grandiloquent words on pieces of expensive paper somehow makes one better suited, more intelligent and generally above those not in possession of them. Third President of the United States and founder of Virginia University, Thomas Jefferson referred to academic degrees as ‘artificial embellishments.’ The book doesn’t discount the validity or importance of degrees in society but rather shows that human beings need not the approval of any individual or institution to be taken seriously or be called great . The brief biographies of three Nobel Laureates, seven Pulitzer Prize winners and several recipients of various literary awards and medals are all part of this truly inspirational work of literature. Their lives along with the painful struggles they had to endure as practitioners of a disrespected but indispensable craft continue to shine in this era of tricknology.

The book emphasizes the unfailing divine power that exists in every person. It is a collection of short stories that constantly remind us who we are. It reflects the importance of the family and acknowledges the individual contributions of everybody in building a cohesive and harmonious society. The author uses the stories to underscore the natural relationship between the body and spirit; a oneness that invigorates the awakening of our failing spiritual nature. Carelessly we have been programmed to prioritize the need and desires of our physical nature. Hopefully, a reunification of the two would soften the way we see and judge things. By so doing, we would appreciate others and the roles they play in making the world a better, loving place for all humanity. Our spiritual nature has been over powered by greed and the compelling desire to be better than others. Now is the time to redefine our identities by boldly demonstrating the aspiration to suppress our uncontrolled egotisms. The world, whether it is our personal world or the many that surround us daily, is drifting along with many unpleasant faces, because people, the most prized commodity on the planet is still searching for a remedy to coexist peacefully. The author has illustrated repeatedly the importance of the inner spirit to counter the negative influence that has become common knowledge in solving our problems.

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Sex is one of the most misunderstood subjects spoken about, today. It’s taboo to speak about it at home and quickly skimmed over in the church.

In fact, for too long the church has browsed over the subject of sex. Speaking around the subject instead of dealing with it directly……while there are members in our congregations and pulpits who are silently succumbing to sexual vices, and don’t know where to go to for help. They are fervently praying someone would stand up and speak forthrightly about this vastly misunderstood subject.

But we have problems in our churches to even say the word ‘sex, penis or vagina’….so how could we truly share about this subject in detail.

Apparently we feel these are dirty words to say – To mention in the church. So we avoid it altogether – Leaving our people (especially men) to suffer in defeat.

But the church is not to be totally blamed for this problem – our parents must also be held accountable.

In my growing years, the word ‘SEX’ was very hard to say. And even when I became an adult I still felt uncomfortable saying that word. And I’m sure you can testify to the same.

Why didn’t your parents inform you – Were your parents shy or just plain ignorant?

I believe parents didn’t take the time to share these sensitive issues with their children, either because they didn’t know themselves, didn’t know ‘how to’, or were too embarrassed to talk about it.

But either way, they’ve done their children an injustice by permitting them to learn these things from other sources. They’ve allowed the young people to live their life by default and not by design – God’s design.


These children learned about this subject by whichever wind of doctrine blew their way: The Internet, Cable T.V., friends, magazines, talk shows, videos, DVDs…and other unreliable sources.

In fact, if you are honest with me, I’m sure you’d agree that because of your parents’ negligence in this department, you acquired knowledge about sex from the wrong sources: People/Organizations/Books/Other…….who passed on facts without moral truths – who failed to teach that true sex, must be governed by responsible love.

My friend, have you been left to explore this strange terrain with no map to guide you to the promise land, and now you are lost – Hooked on unhealthy practices – Addicted to pornography and committing sex outside of marriage, and don’t know what to do?

Does your life feel empty after all these orgies despite the temporary pleasures you’ve experienced from these sensual habits? Do you desire help? Do you long to feel fulfilled?


This book expresses the heart of an author longing to make a difference in the lives of others, worldwide, in the form of poetry.









God created you and set you on this earth for a specific purpose, he created people for a specific purpose and he will do everything possible to ensure that purpose is fulfilled. All we need to do is work with him. God so want your purpose to be fulfilled he would even release angels physically to help with any hindrances you may face. He even places people in position to help move you to your purpose. What we need to do is learn how to work out and move towards our purpose. God is the one that knows our purpose and gives us our purpose. Isn’t it then logical to go to the one who knows our purpose for help and direction? As we live each day purpose is revealed to us step-by-step and it becomes clearer as our understanding and experiences increase. However it will not just happen. We need to apply strategies, proven strategies that you will encounter as you read the chapters of this book.





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print on demand booksThis book is indeed an inspirational journey through the heart of a woman who has learned to truly become the ’God-Woman’. It is spiritual therapy for those who have lost touch with who they are and can become. It will challenge you to review your prospects to let the ‘woman in me’ arise fully. (S.D. Bryon) Have you lost touch with who you are as a woman? Have you lost your identity, your image, your beauty, your nature as real woman? Have you lost sight as to who God say you can be and become? Then I believe this book will help you to get back on your feet, to help define the worth of your makeup and the value of your creation as a woman. Tap into the journey of the life of Pastor Sheldene to see how God truly open her eyes to her design from the Garden of Eden, mirroring from the life of Adam and Eve principles to help govern one’s nature as a woman and as to how we women can rise and live in the standard of God’s creation. It’s a journey you would not wish to miss sharing…..


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