Get Quality Books Printed – books of international standard provides the platform for you to publish your book, CD, DVD and more.

You can have any amount of books you want printed.

In fact, you can print as little as one, five, twenty, a hundred or more books, if you choose.

We provide:

  • Softcover books 
  • Hardcover books
  • Children Books
  • Photo Books
  • Audio Books
  • Kindle books


Other Services we provide are:

  1. Conversion of your book to Kindle format
  2. Graphic Designing – Book cover designs, Interior book designs, tables, charts, etc. 
  3. Cartoons and illustrations
  4. Editing & Formatting
  5. Promotional Videos 
  6. Ghost Writing – Writing your book for you
  7. Products
  8. We can create an author’s website to promote your book, book speaking engagements, advertise other spin-off products of your book…and more.
  9. We can have your book up for sale on, Barnes & Noble, Online Retailers, Bookstores in the U.S. and more…with access to millions of book-buyers, worldwide.
  10. Marketing Services – Social Marketing and Offline Marketing
  11. Write Query letters and create Book Proposals
  12. Translation services – Translate your book to other languages
  13. Software apps
  14. …and much more


Contact us If you want to have something done which is not mentioned in the list above.