dayne author“As an author on the world stage I must admit that working with Mr. Ali Bocus for the very first time has indeed been an enlightening and fulfilling experience for me in more ways than I would’ve imagined. Not just as a result of his pristine publishing skills as such, but also due to his cordial approach as an individual who goes that extra mile; even beyond his call at times just to ensure that every customer is satisfied…”Dayne CommissiongClick here for more

Dayne Commissiong

Author, 'Manuscripts from the Tower'

sheldene byron“At first, I found it strange to receive a friendly request on ‘LinkedIn’ from Mr. Roger Ali Bocus (Manager, several months ago, at a period when I was encountering numerous setbacks with my first book regarding the desire for publishing…To date, I have not regretted the connection we made and the service I received from this humble and professional stalwart in publishing…” Sheldene ByronClick Here for more

Sheldene Byron

Author, 'The Woman in Me'

author vashti“Ever since I could remember I always wanted to become a writer. However, as time went by and life threw challenges at me, it really seemed like a long shot. Then finally I placed all my energy into writing and publishing my first book. That’s when I came across I thought it would have been a long and frustrating process. To the contrary it was fast, effective and affordable; and the icing on the cake was the very friendly service I received…” Vashti Ramnarine. Click here for more

Vashti Ramnarine

Author, 'Make Life Count'