Testimony From Dayne Commissiong:


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Dayne Commissiong

As an author on the world stage, I must admit that working with Mr. Ali Bocus for the very first time has indeed been an enlightening and fulfilling experience for me in more ways than I would’ve imagined. Not just as a result of his pristine publishing skills as such, but also due to his cordial approach as an individual who goes that extra mile; even beyond his call at times just to ensure that every customer is satisfied down to the very nitty-gritty of things. Not to mention his moral and ethical practices as a professional in his field and the fact that these traits are very hard to come by in this fast-paced and advanced technological era of today. And in that light, he is highly recommended not just by myself but by all those who would’ve been blessed to come into contact with such a down-to-earth and good-natured individual.


Testimony From Chad Modeste:

author chad modeste

“It was during the process of trying to obtain funds for publication of my first book that I first came to know Mr.Roger Ali Bocus (Manager, Publishingbooks.biz)

The year was 2005 and while conversing with Mr. Dennis Mitchell, head of the government lending agency NEDCO (south branch) Mr. Ali Bocus’ name emerged.

It was linked via Mr. Mitchell to efficient service and assistance concerning publication and international exposure for my project.

Our meeting was set in motion for the following week by Mr.Mitchell; and since that first encounter, my approach to publication, marketing and finding agreeable places to sell my wares has been positively influenced and affected.

Mr. Ali Bocus has been instrumental in designing covers for all my books to date.

He designed the cover for New Flower which was used as a text in the Caribbean Civilization course at U.W.I., St. Augustine in 2008 and he also designed the covers and did the layout for Old Board House along with the revised edition.

All the designs met Amazon.com’s stringent and specific guidelines and requirements. He also designed the cover for my first audiobook, Among the Profane.

Within the business of cover designing, layout, marketing, and general advice concerning books and their authors, Mr. Roger Ali Bocus, in accordance with my personal experience is trustworthy, reliable and a definite cut above the rest.”  


Testimony From Sheldene Byron:

sheldene byron

At first, I found it strange to receive a friend request on ‘LinkedIn’ from Mr. Roger Ali Bocus (Manager, Publishingbooks.biz) several months ago, at a period when I was encountering numerous setbacks with my first book regarding the desire for publishing.

After viewing his profile, I figured why not inquire about his expertise on publishing since this was an area of competence on his end.  To date, I have not regretted the connection we made and the service I received from this humble and professional stalwart in publishing.  What I thought was an over exhausted trail and endless means of frustration became a smooth path with Roger.  I tried getting my first book on the market for several years and the journey was costly but at this point I can smile and rest assured that if I need a publisher who can get the job done in class, timely fashion and with an ability to see a quality finish, I’ll choose Mr. Roger Ali Bocus any given day.  Roger, thank you so much for allowing me to touch millions and to have my book on the market.

You’re truly God Sent!!! 


Testimony From Vashti Ramnarine:


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Vashti Ramnarine

Ever since I could remember I always wanted to become a writer. However, as time went by and life threw challenges at me, it really seemed like a long shot. Then finally I placed all my energy into writing and publishing my first book.

Make Life Count

That’s when I came across publishingbooks.biz. I thought it would have been a long and frustrating process.

To the contrary it was fast, effective and affordable; and the icing on the cake was the very friendly service I received. Manager, Mr.Roger Ali Bocus took the time to show me the process step-by-step and made sure I understood all my options. For me choosing publishingbooks.biz was one of the best decisions I could have made. 

Thank you Mr Ali Bocus for helping me to make my dream of publishing my first book…come true. God Bless You.


Testimony From Bavina Sookdeo:

“Working with Mr. Ali Bocus and his company has been a great pleasure. From the first day I spoke with him on the phone until today, Mr. Ali Bocus has been nothing but encouraging and patient. During my moments of paranoia about certain things in my book, he helped to calm my fears and show me that I really had nothing to worry about. He has been patient, kind, trustworthy and understanding. We have become good friends and I feel that I can speak to him in complete confidence. The time it took to get my book published was amazingly short and I owe it all to Mr. Roger Ali Bocus and his company. He was very helpful when it came to advising me on issues that related to my book and my life in general. He is truly a gem of a person. Mr. Ali Bocus entertained my many changes and edits without a fuss. Thanks to him and his company my book is what it is today. God bless him always.”  Bavina


Testimony From Mellissa Browne:

mellissa browne

Mellissa Browne

Mr. Ali Bocus or Roger as I have come to call him can only be described as compassionate. Usually, this kind of Character is not mentioned when reviewing one’s work but, for me, it was this quality that impressed me. Roger takes the time out to get to know his clients’ lives and encourage them every step of the way. Jimmy Brooks 

I am very impressed with Roger’s work ethic. He delivers!!!!!!!! PERIOD.  

I am looking forward to working with him again, but for those who have shared this journey with him, know all too well that you have entered into a relationship with Roger for he really and truly does care. 


Testimony From Britta Rajkumar:

Writing is a God-given gift that needs to be nurtured as well as guided. When I first started looking for a publisher I came across many who gave empty hopes and promises. I began to realize that writing wasn’t the hardest part of publishing a book. Finally, with the help of Linkedin, I came across Mr. Roger Ali Bocus, Manager of Publishingbooks.biz. I contacted him and grilled him with many publishing questions. Mr. Ali Bocus was very patient with me…communicating with me every step in the process, and answering my every question and concern, quickly. I was very satisfied with his answers and felt I could have trusted his company to publish my book. I must say I was not disappointed.  I was very pleased with the finished result and therefore can highly recommend publishingbooks.biz to anyone seeking to have a book published.


Testimony From Dr. Rohan Rambally:


“It is has been an extreme pleasure working with my publisher Roger Ali Bocus (Manager, Publishingbooks.biz). He has made the work so light and easy for me. He has been very helpful in every arm of assisting me in the direction towards getting my manual published for its release. His promptness and efficiency have also led me to continue writing manuals and books to be a blessing in the Kingdom of God. He is a man of integrity and honour and I highly recommend his services to anyone who is seeking an excellent publisher. I recall a national Conference in Guyana, where I needed to have the manual ready at a certain time. Roger worked non-stop to assist me in getting it into the pastors’ hands-on time, even at his personal expense. This proved to me his care and concern for all of his writers. I would sincerely like to thank him, his wife and daughter for their encouragement, support, and love which they have shown towards me. God bless them richly in all of their endeavours in the Kingdom.”


Testimony From Sean Kalicharan:

Sean Kalicharan

If you are looking for a cost-effective, professional and resourceful publisher, look no further. You can now materialize the book/s that reside within you with excellence. Publishingbooks.biz provides efficient and proficient, quality services. This is my second book published and my experience with Publishingbooks.biz compared to the other is clearly night and day. The patience, honesty, and commitment of Roger Ali Bocus (manager) is unfeigned, to say the least. Ali Bocus has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure complete satisfaction and I am extremely grateful to him for his dependable and satisfying services with Publishingbooks.biz and for treating my book as his. As a writer, I will not only continue to use Publishingbooks.biz, but I highly recommend its valuable services to writers worldwide.


Testimony From Nichola Harvey:

Nichola Harvey

Nichola Harvey

The 1st day I met Mr. Ali Bocus, Manager of Publishing Books, I knew he was the perfect fit for me.  He was God sent. I am a first-time author and needed someone with extra…. extra… patience to guide me through the entire publishing process. Mr. Ali Bocus did not disappoint, in fact, he exceeded my expectations.

The numerous questions I had, the clarifications I needed and the changes I made, he never got tired of me, he kindly obliged and delivered accordingly. I want to sincerely thank Mr. Ali Bocus for assisting me in making this dream become a reality. Gods blessings to you and your family.     Nichola


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Testimony From Danon Knox:

Danon Knox

I thank you, Roger, for your publishing service. It breathed life back into my collection of poems that would have otherwise stayed dead to the world. Your patience and skill set provides a gateway to new opportunities for those who employ it. Your work is appreciated.




Testimony From Richard Roebuck:

Richard Roebuck

It is often said that “a man is as good as his business, and his business is as good as his name.” People generally are rightfully cautious in doing business with others especially for the first time, as for me, I have to say I’m in that grouping. Publishingbooks.biz is fast becoming a global talking point because Roger Ali Bocus cares. I have had the opportunity to engage his professional service in publishing two books thus far and another three scheduled to be soon finished. This has obviously revealed that space, where to trust Roger in his sphere of work, was easy given his knowledge, confidence in communication, advice, steadfastness, and guidance throughout the process. I have to say anyone who is in the arts has to meet with Roger because Roger truly cares. Thank you, Roger, from your client and friend, Richard Roebuck. 


Testimony From Arjoon Bridgemohan:

15th August 2018,

“I highly applaud Mr. Roger Ali Bocus for his professionalism, competence, and integrity in performing his profession. 

rightly dividing the word of truthHe was totally responsible for the publishing of my book ‘Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth’. His work was of a very high quality while being very reasonable in its cost. 

Mr. Ali Bocus is highly recommended by me to anyone who is embarking on a similar project.”


Arjoon Bridgemohan




Testimony From Wilfred Thomas:

Unspoken thingsMy book publisher, Roger Ali Bocus, was very efficient in the work he did for me, he completed the work on time, and was very pleasant to communicate with throughout the entire process. I highly recommend him and the services he provides.