1. You will increase in Knowledge – To write a book you will have to do research; this will help you to increase your knowledge on the written subject.

2.  Become a better communicator – Writing a book helps you learn how to share your thoughts, ideas, and feelings with others. In short, you will become a better communicator.

3.  Leave a Legacy – What is a legacy? A legacy is something which someone leaves behind for another or others. It could be something material or something like teachings or philosophies. Are you leaving a legacy which would benefit others long after you have gone?

4. Preserve history – When my parents and grandparents died they left no written form of family history for me. I wanted to know the history of my family from my father and mother while they were alive, but they shared very little; and there was nothing left behind when they died, except a few cherished pictures.

As a result, I vowed that I would not allow this to happen to my immediate family (my wife and my children). This has led me to share all my thoughts, experiences, training and feelings in book, audio and DVD forms for my wife and children – Preserving both family history and legacy.

What about you?

5.  Supplement Income – You can supplement your income from the sales of your books. Doing this has benefited me a lot over the years. And I trust you too can experience the same.

6.  Create Brand awareness – If you are operating a business, you can use a book or books to help create brand awareness for your business.

7.  Present you as an Authority on the written subject – When you write and publish a book you would be viewed as an authority figure on the written subject.

8.  Open doors for you – Writing and publishing a book can open doors for you. You can receive highly-paid speaking engagements, or it can lead to guest appearances on radio and television stations.

9.  A written and published book can also be used as a platform to create and host profitable seminars or workshops.

10.  Can help others who read your book. Your book will help your readers in one form or another.

11.  Recognized publications can pay you to quote portions of your book in their publication.

12.  ‘Author’ is a nice credential to add to your resume.

Writing a book is easier than you think – think in small portions when you start…

Do you know if you write just 300 words a day (that is equivalent to one page of writing) you would have completed 9000 words a month, 27,000 words in 3 months and 54,000 words in 6 months, which is almost 200 pages?

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Who is a Ghostwriter?

Here is the dictionary definition of a Ghostwriter:

‘A person who writes one or numerous speeches, books, articles, etc. for another person who is named or presumed to be the author.’