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Articles are very powerful.

One article from a specific writer at a top News agency had been responsible for negatively affecting investors confidence and causing a major corporation to lose Billions of Dollars, almost overnight, as a result…Negatively impacting upon that corporation’s value, profits and reputation, such is the Power of one Article.

Articles are also responsible for many other breathtaking events. However, the question when writing an article, is always: What do you hope to achieve when you are writing an article – What is your purpose for writing an article?

Answer that simple question before you begin writing, and you’ll accomplish a lot more in a shorter period of time.

Articles have been written to:

1. Stir up public interest – To motivate people to take a particular action

2. To get back links to website/s

3. To pre-sell goods and services

4. To share newsworthy information which could benefit others

5. To create brand awareness


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